red bull arcade cabinet electronics

fall 2020 - fall 2021

video demo:


Hired by the Red Bull marketing team, and working with the fabrication team of Ready Set. I teamed up with Mason Mann, and we were tasked with creating a custom fighting game and electronics interface for a custom Red Bull arcade cabinet to be used at e-sports conventions.

It was more of a ‘training’ game then a fighting game. As your character does moves (kick, punch, left, right, jump), your special meter goes up. When you get the correct special combo, a combo animation plays and the arcade cabinet side door pops open to reveal a Red Bull cooler.


final install of system (rev 2)

technical files for the system can be found at the github repo for the project

We used an Intel Nuc running Processing to code the game, using graphics provided by Red Bull for all the game assets. Control of the character was via joystick and panel of 6 buttons. These were wired up to a Teensy 4.0 microcontroller (MCU). The MCU sends button presses to the computer and when the correct combo is registered in Processing, the computer will send out a command to the MCU to fire a pin. The pin is connected to a relay which opens a solenoid which pops the door open.

rev.2 of the schematic for the MCU interface. Connection to the computer is made over serial via the USB cable. Internal pull up resistors are used. The machine is to travel all over the country, so I added a crowbar protection circuit with a fuse. In case of any faults, the fuse will blow and not destroy the electronics.

rev 2 pcb design

rev 1 of the system. Designed the PCB intending on using a Raspberry Pi for the visuals. We switched to NUC because of memory problems and needed to use a Teensy MCU to read button presses and switch the latch: