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Freakylamps is william kennedy

I am an artist, musician, and engineer focusing on the idea of 'play' and the spontaneous nature of creation. I explore the limitless potential of light, sound, video, and electronics for creative expression of everyone. I have been focusing on the idea of 'play' and the spontaneous nature of creation: art as a wide sense of inclusivity. I love using technology to create transportive spaces, taking people out of their everyday world.

I focus on repurposing scavenged relics of the past, reverse engineering, and sharing knowledge. By using imagination, shared skills and tools, I rebuild for unimagined new potentials. My work combines art practice, engineering practice, learning, and teaching.

I have designed and lead teams fabricating stage installations for Moses Sumney, Too Many Zooz, Hundred Waters and more. I have worked with corporate clients designing immersive interactive installations for events. I have built interactive public art installations for institutions and festivals, worked as master electrician and lighting designer in theater and live event production, and helped build DIY art spaces in Atlanta. I have also toured the world as a musician playing synthesizers in the electro-pop groups Reptar and Givers.

In 2022, I received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, graduating with the highest honors.

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