Serenbe Playhouse - Cabaret

Master Electrician
July/August 2017

Alliance Theater - The Jungle Room

Interactive electronics, lighting design and implementation
Designed and built motion triggered systems for lights and sounds, designed and built Sun/Moon/Stars cycle
May 2017
videowall videowall

Elevate Atlanta Summer 2016 Block Party Installation

A public art installation of a 30 CRT Television Video Wall in downtown Atlanta at the Mammal Gallery
July 22, 2016
The 31 Raspberry Pi brain of the operation!::

Reptar Robotic Stage Lighting Concept Summer/Fall 2014 - 2015

Experimentation with the idea of a unique robot-like dynamic concert lighting. The kinetic lights, swinging from 5'6" to almost 9 feet tall, become another member of the band breathing motion and vibrancy into the performance. A mobile stage concept synchronized with the performance utilizing robotic servo motors, Arduino, and DMX lighting programming, all live via MIDI commands.

August 2014 - ?
robo robo

Some good pictures of the LED robot towers and the custom designed projections

Breathers Performance Lighting Installation - Mammal Gallery

Five independently controlled backlit geometric objects suspended behind the band plus three diffraction gradient rhombuses created a otherworldly atmosphere perfectly suited for Breathers dynamic futuristic synthesizer pop music.

Mammal Gallery. Atlanta, Ga. 11.11.14.


Social Synth - Elevate Atlanta 2014 Public Art Initiative

Two analog synthesizers and one analog drum machine will each cover one wall within the dumpster. The cartoonishly large controls for these devices will be operable by anyone who enters the dumpster, and several people can play any given wall at once. The strobing and sequenced LEDs of each instrument will be the only light within the dumpster, giving the room a space-age atmosphere. Each knob, touch pad, switch, or jack will affect some aspect of the sound or lighting, and participants will need to experiment with these controls to learn their functions. Visitors will need to learn from each other's experiences and cooperate to unlock the full possibilities of their environment. Collaboration with Greg O'Connell, Ash Rickli, and Addison Adams.

Corner of Luckie St. and Cone St. Atlanta, Ga. 10.17.14 - 10.23.14
More photos and info at
social kids
social kids social kids
social kids social kids
Magicicada live performance inside the dumpster ↑
social kids
Social Synth was also a featured installation at the Goat Farm's 2014 Halloween Event

Salsa Chest Art Installation for the Atlanta Film Festival

Exploration of the roles vision and sound play in human communication by creating an interactive environment in which surroundings represent the changing emotions and physical implications of two performers and the objects and space around them. The environment included light sculptures, projections, LED strip lights, all used as vehicles for conveying different aspects of communicating in our modern world. Collaboration with Addison Adams.

The Goat Farm Arts Center. Atlanta, GA. 4.8.2014.
salsa 1
salsa 2

Reptar Stage Concept Lighting Spring 2014

Stage lighting, programming, and projections based on the concept of the digital age abstracted into reality. Projections all generated via a computer programming language and LED light rods are programmed to react live to the video being projected, thus taking the concept of the screen and the computer and shifting perspective out into the 3rd dimension. Collaboration with Eve Nettles.

The 40 Watt Club. Athens, GA. 3.8.2014.
40 watt
close up 40 watt 2

A Talking Heads Intimate Retelling

A visual examination upon the concept of intimacy and familiarity the lamp brings us. Using aesthetic cues from the Talking Heads classic documentary Stop Making Sense, this was a stage lighting concept based around lamps populating the stage, hanging above the stage, and scattered behind the stage at different elevations.

The Goat Farm Arts Center. Atlanta, GA. 3.1.2014.
nice back nice front nice back too

Reptar Color Cubes

Light box sculptures created with the color changing lights programmed inside of them. By containing simple coregraphed colored light inside of translucent boxes, these hanging and floorbound objects create a stark contrast to the washes, sprawls, and flashyness of ordinary live music stage lighting.

The Variety Playhouse. Atlanta, GA. 10.11.2013.