December 2016 collection

Bicycle lamp:: custom brazed lampshade, color changing LED underlight, and custom brazed bike frame including found objects
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xmas2016 xmas2016
Art Deco touch dimmer table lamps - activates when you touch the base of the fixture
xmas2016 xmas2016
xmas2016 xmas2016
PALL table lamp- found oil filter, elevator relay circuits, and data transfer switch which acts as the on/off for the lamp
xmas2016 xmas2016

Freakylamps road show


Speaker - Cymbal lamp


Katherine's Wedding Fixtures

2 custom made TV antenna chandeliers!! 123456 7 8 8 0 9 120 2016
tchand2 tchand3
vchand vchand2
9 custom made wacky lamps!
kathlamp1 kathlamp2 kathlamp2

Double S Lamp

Featuring custom color gel lamp shade, antique ceramic telephone pole insulator, and re-purposed chandelier arms.
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Florescent Floor Lamp

ffl ffl

Party Party Partners Lamp

First commissioned piece! A lamp for Mercer West of Party Party Partners fame.
Custom welded frame from found materials
3 lasercut stylized P's, lit from the inside with RGB LED strip controlled from a custom programmed Arduino located on the base of the lamp.
4 medium base lamp sockets. Led and bulb switches are located on the base of the lamp as well.

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Our Very First Freaky Lamp:

This lamp details the countryside scene of an alien abduction. Upon first turn of the 3-way switch at the base of the lamp, the cool white LED tractor beam cone comes to life. Upon the second turn of the switch, the warm white pyramidal alien spaceship shade glows for all to see. Then for its final hurrah, the last turn of the switch turns both tractor beam and spaceship on for ultimate abduction power.

freaky right?

Lamp #2:!:

Features a three way touch dimmer; it turns on and dims the bulb whenever you touch the lamp!

touch dimmer

Freaky Slingshot Festival Sign:

The yellow bulbs chase each other relentlessly and carelessly around the circle while the blue bulbs gently pulsate downward, subtly asking the onlooker to come inside.

Created for the Athens Slingshot Festival. March 21st - 22nd, 2014.